Feb 27, 2020


Posted by GrowScore

Evaluating Your Content Marketing: Measuring Actions

You have created your content marketing plan, and you have published all your content, but you don’t know how to evaluate your success? In some cases, your KPIs might help you, but mostly they only show the end game of your content marketing, not the actual performance of your content. But how do evaluate your content marketing? There are three factors you need to consider measuring: attention, action and approval. Last time we covered attention metrics, today let’s talk about action.

Setting your goals

To define your actions, you need to set your goals first. Every campaign is different, and your goals should reflect your campaign’s outcomes. Engagement metrics, like likes, shares, comments are different, however in some cases, your campaign’s goal can be a great engagement metric. Therefore, the actions will be your engagements: the number of likes, comments, shares, and pins. But for most of the campaign goals are more substantial: getting a purchase (sale) or getting a signup (lead). You can set up campaign goals and funnels in your metrics system so, in the end, you will have a clear idea of how your content marketing campaign performs regarding actions. Some signups, purchases, registrations are solid figures.

Is interactivity an action?

It certainly is. There are hard data for action-measurements: signups, purchases, registrations. But some customers want to make a purchase, signup or register, but first, they want to fiddle around your site before dedicating themselves to you. So what are the soft figures for actions? Frequency, scroll depths, recirculation of content and browsing around your FAQ and other static content are considered actions. They show that users are very interested in your content, but they just don’t feel they can make a final action. Analysing the soft figures for action can help you to get an overall picture of how the process goes on your site and where users are bouncing off or making a hard action. Implementing events to your site will also get you more insights: when do they click certain buttons or read more sections on your site?

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