Apr 03, 2020

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How to Measure Instagram Performance?


Like any other social networking platform, measuring your performance in Instagram is just as important. The data you will get will be used as a factor in marketing decisions, after all. It is important for you to see what’s working for your business and will help you make decisions on how this platform is instrumental to your business’ growth.

To help you understand just why tracking your Instagram is beneficial, here’s a list of uses:

  1. To help you understand and analyse your followers

  2. To help you create content based on your followers

  3. To help you understand what kind of content resonates well to your followers

Important Metrics

Post Metrics

  1. Top Posts
    With this, you will be able to sort top posts for either a 7-day or 30-day period if you’re into weekly social media reporting or for a monthly reporting. What makes this metric useful is that you get to see the number of people who saw your posts as opposed to the number of people who just “liked” the post which enables you to measure the engagement.

  1. Follower Activity
    This is another particularly useful metric to track because it shows you the most popular times of day where your followers use Instagram displayed by hours or days. This also displays the average time your followers are on Instagram in a day. This helps you create an Instagram posting schedule for maximum engagement.

  1. Like
    This is the fastest way to see how many people approve or show interest to your content.

    This is another way to see how many people approve your metric and how many actually took the time to comment their approval instead of just clicking like.

Follower Metrics

  1. Location
    With this, you can track your follower locations by country or by city. This is particularly useful if you want to understand which time zones you should target the most to be able to reach the most number of your followers. This will help you in building your social media content planner and schedule your posts for efficiency.

  1. Gender and Age
    Instagram also lets you see a breakdown in age range in gender of all your total followers aside from the total number of followers you gained in a week.
    Of course, analytics tools also make it easier to track your Instagram metrics and there are a lot of tools that offer this service. Here are some of the most popular tools.



Keyhole is the front-runner among social media analytics tools for a reason: it provides in-depth data analysis in an easy to understand manner.

It is an all-in-one solution that:

  • Tracks of your campaigns’ reach and impact in real-time

  • Monitors the brands in your industry and your top competitors

  • Notifies you of both the positive and the negative mentions of your brand

  • Gives you valuable insights on your events

  • Provides you with tools that you can use to keep up with trends, research your industry and find out your customers’ needs

All of the insights above, no matter how advanced, are presented in simple reports that everyone can understand, regardless of their previous experience, which makes them practical and actionable.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is a particularly useful tool to have if you want to track other Instagram profiles as long as they are set in public. You can make use of this tool to boost engagement and growth as well as to research and analyse your competitors.

This tool, used by most businesses, provides you real-time and detailed reports of any Instagram profile. This tool also lets you in on the most popular and engaging hashtags.

Simply Measured

This tool offers free Instagram reports by following it on its Twitter account. What you get is a detailed report with easy to understand charts and numbers.

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