Mar 02, 2020


Posted by Growscore

The Essential Guide to Creating Marketing Videos on a Budget

DIY on a budget

With a limited budget, you can still make amazing marketing videos on your own. A simple marketing video for your company has the potential to build significant trusts in customers. There are some quick techniques which you can use to align the budget with your own.

1. Switch the focus to a personal level. 

Not everyone needs an epic video, and it certainly doesn’t help with product demos for example. By changing from epic to personal level, you have more room to show your service and product, and you don’t need to spend a serious amount of budget on branding.

2. Rent / hire your equipment or team

Renting your video equipment or team is cheaper and more efficient. If you don’t need on-going video production, it is advisable to hire a professional team or rent your equipment to reduce costs.

3. Use tools that are available for everyone / free

Video production tools are on the rise, and now they are available for everyone on a budget. Some tools are even included into OS software packs for free. Use these tools to avoid high post-production and editing costs.

4. Use automated software and stock videos

In the last year, automated marketing videos are on the rise. By converting texts to video scripts with these services like Sezion or Vidooya, your articles can be converted to video without any video editing or production knowledge in an easy-to-consume way. Apart from stock photos, stock videos are also available for cheap, using stock videos can boost your videos quality level.

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