Jul 17, 2020


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The 3 Most Popular Live Chat Software

Knowing that there is someone on the other side of one’s customer journey who offers instant support and quick answers, makes live chat a favourite communication channel among websites. Especially now that more and more businesses are going online, customers tend to measure up the company’s superiority and excellence by how good their customer service is. The sooner the customer’s queries are answered, the more satisfied they become and the more likely that they will engage in sales and upsells.


Based on Zendesk’s data[1], although live chat consumer satisfaction rate varies from one industry to another, it is valued at 92%. This figure will almost certainly go up with the increase in tech-savvy online shoppers which will also escalate the demand for reliable real-time customer support. Realising this increasingly popular channel to communicate with users and customers, companies are in search of the top live chat software in the online marketplace.

Pure Chat


Pure Chat, launched in 2012, is a live chat platform designed originally to let small and midsize businesses add live chat functionality to their websites[2]. This software, which is based in Arizona, guarantees limitless chats and unlimited operators, integrating a variety of website management platforms. Mobile apps are also available for both iOS and Android to allow toggling between devices. This software provides information on the number of visitors navigating the website, their activity history, number of visits, and also identifies the best quality leads to be able to start a conversation with them at any given moment.


For companies who essentially need real-time visitor analytics and automatic chat alerts, they may upgrade to the PRO plan which comes with a fee. Once upgraded, Pure Chat branding is removed and the company makes use of the tool on unlimited websites. This is especially useful for those companies with a huge number of chat agents.




  • Unlimited chats with chat history (transcripts) which provide more personal and instant responses
  • Quick Install on Wordpress site for less than 3 minutes with increased conversions of up to 35%
  • Use of canned responses for quick and accurate replies to frequently asked questions
  • Chat with multiple people at the same time
  • Ability to see real-time site visitors which helps understand traffic patterns, identify promising leads and engage visitors in an unprecedented way.
  • Every visitor-provided contact information is saved to allow quick search categorisation of leads
  • Customisable chat widget with images using convenient editor
  • Powerful operator dashboard
  • Business on the go with iOS & Android mobile apps







Price (paid annually)



Additional Users/Operators



Max Websites



Users/Operators Included



SMS Notifications












Remove Pure Chat Branding


Unlimited Chats

Advanced Widget Customisation

All Integrations

Engagement Hub

iOS and Android Mobile Apps

Security Roles (Admin, Power Users and Operators)

Unlimited Chat History Transcripts

Canned Responses

Chat Notifications

File Transfer

Trigger-Based Actions and Alerts

Real Time Analytics

Visitor Tracking

Comprehensive Account Statistics and Reports

CSV exports for Reports and Contracts



Website: https://www.purechat.com/

Zopim (now Zendesk Chat)[3]



Zendesk Chat is a live chat and communication widget designed for companies envisioning to become more competitive by creating a personal connection with clienteles looking for support. Formerly known as Zopim Live Chat, this app is a service-first Customer Relationship Management (CRM) company that builds software specially designed to improve customer relationships. Having a wide range of handy chat functionalities, and a superior, personalised environment for enhancing customer loyalty, Zendesk Chat is a perfect medium to engage customers and interact with them in real-time. It also helps in the branding strategies by way of suggesting social apps customers like to use.


  • Appearance customisation
  • Chat agent console/use of instant messengers (IM)
  • Offline mode ensures customer contact even while away
  • Shortcuts / canned messages
  • Track and monitor website visitors and immediately determine customers who require assistance
  • Internationalisation
  • Chat client (that customers use)
  • Proactive chats & Triggers which make automatic chats and customer engagement easy long before they ask a question
  • Create chat protocols
  • Tracking & live analytics which reveal customer satisfaction levels, agent performance and spots potential problems before they escalate


Website: https://www.zendesk.com/chat/



Intercom prides itself as the world's first Conversational Relationship Platform[4]  which able to benefit businesses in establishing better customer relationships by means of personalised, messenger-based experiences. With their business messenger, management tools, customer data platform, and apps and integrations, Intercom has everything to scale conversational experiences to every customer. It boasts off its guaranteed solutions through conversational marketing, conversational engagement, and conversational support.


Intercom is not a usual live chat software, rather it is a cross between live chat and email in terms of speed. It stores data about the users, making it possible to group them and message them. Intercom software provides access to the user’s email address, and first and last seen in the website or application. It also gives data on where users come from, the number of times they have visited the site, their time zone, social profiles and operating system. Companies frequently use it more as a means to reach contact rather than instant replies.


Intercom helps establish customer relationships through conversational, messenger-based experiences across the customer journey. This business messenger- based approach engages and supports customers with chat including conversational bots, interactive apps, self-service tools, and proactive product tours.


Intercom has also desktop-level onboarding, support, and engagement which are designed for mobile apps, thus providing a seamless experience for users across desktop and mobile. Mobile app customers are also engaged and supported through beautiful and customisable screens. A link of a product can be added in the messenger and create a custom launcher for iOS and Android apps. 



  • Show the names and faces of the agents so people know there’s a real person on the other end.
  • Customisable. It allows companies to choose how the messenger bar opens for visitors, i.e., messengers may be made available when a visitor clicks on the ‘Talk to us’ icon.
  • Reply quickly with canned responses, accessible with a simple keyboard shortcut. The Intercom software gives the option to select other languages and auto-detects the language of the website visitor.
  • See how many conversations customers start with the agents and when.
  • Know how long it takes to respond at certain times or on different days.
  • See how many replies an agent has sent and conversations they’ve closed.




Website: https://www.intercom.com/live-chat


The emergence of live chat support has been unprecedented and its evolution is becoming very fast. Thanks to its quick, efficient, and convenient customer relationship management. Now with the increasing demand for live chat software, the great news is that there are a lot to choose from. The free software remarkably offers substantial features and the paid ones are most affordable with convenient payment schemes. So, whether it’s a budding or an established company, one can definitely make use of these powerful tools to provide dependable support, make sales, or simply provide assistance in navigating the website.


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