Feb 10, 2020


Posted by Studio Fett

Invest in a brand vs quick-profit.

A thorough and strategic understanding of what your brand is should come well before you invest heavily in any new sales approaches. To dive headfirst into new technology without a strategic approach in finding new business will leak money.

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Feb 03, 2020


Posted by Growscore

Using Marketing Automation for Content Marketing

Marketing automation refers to setting up systems within your marketing and sales funnels in order to scale up your marketing efforts efficiently and effectively. The advantage behind marketing automation is that the system gives you leverage and allows you to focus on refining and actually delivering your product or service.

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Jan 10, 2020

Social Media

Posted by Growscore

Measuring Social Media Engagement KPIs 2020

Social media is such a very powerful tool that connects many individuals around the globe. Imagine a spider web interlinking every unit to connect and interact with each other. That’s why social media is the best platform that can be used to produce and share content with the goal to engage your market and attract qualified leads.

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