Jan 23, 2020


Posted by Growscore

Top 3 Customer Acquisition Tips Using Digital Tools

TIP 1 – Find what your customers talk about / social media listening and monitoring

There is a limited amount of conversations that are not monitored regularly on the internet – and we’re not referring here to secret service of some sort. There are publicly accessible digital tools for social media monitoring and listening like Sysomos and Brandwatch to start. By signing up, users have the ability to search for topics based on keywords. It’s a great tool to find new communities, new angles for products, new product insights, public opinions and even brand experiences. By finding new insights from these tools, you can tailor your lead generation to the very essence of what people are talking about on your type of service or product. You might even discover your brand where you would not expect it to be.

TIP 2 – Find where your customers are talking / location-based tracking

Almost all social media services have the ability to search for specific locations. On Twitter, you can make a search for a location and tweets tweeted from that place. On other networks like Facebook, you can target your ads to cities or neighbourhoods. If you’re a business where physical location is important, there’s no better option than location-based tracking. When most of the users have mobile phones with GPS, there are options to track down passers-by and target them individually with offers and promotions as well.


TIP 3 – Find what customers are searching for / SEO and AdWords

Many clients think that SEO is all about using specific keywords in their content, and long-term efforts will have a benefit in their rankings. It’s only half of the truth, and usually, it’s the other ways around. By doing excellent keyword research or using a keyword planner, users have the ability to see what customers are searching for – and deliver content to those needs. The demand comes first, and the supply only delivers to expectations in a good SEO and AdWords campaign.

Although this is our strongest asset, we find it surprising that most of our clients are only focusing on digital analytics reporting – long data charts on their digital channels’ traffic. Reports are pointless without great takeaways and actionable insights. Learning a new traffic source to your website and then act and go there to further harness that activity from a community that is already interested in your business is the best lead generation that you can have.

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