Jul 01, 2019


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Data Superpowers

Imagine being able to predict the future.

What if you had the power to read people’s minds?

Imagine the power you would have if you could instantly perceive someone’s deepest fears and desires.

What if you held the power to make people do exactly what you wanted them to?

Would these things make it easier to do business for you? Would it make it easier to sell things? It’s all possible.

There are people who can do all of this.  They don’t wear spandex or capes.  They don’t have catchphrases either. They’re usually behind desks, brandishing tools like Crazy Egg or Mail Chimp which you won’t find on any utility belt.

These are the superpowers that come with fully leveraging data.

This post links to this one on properly collecting data, and this one on big data, but I intend for this post to fully impress upon you the possibilities which lie in store for you and your business.  Think Amazon, think Facebook, think Google and Kogan. These organisations have methods in place which record everything a user does and remembers it for next time.  You can do similar things with your users.

Knowing your consumers is no longer speculative.  The way to your consumers’ hearts, minds and pockets are paved with big concrete blocks of data.

Let’s address your potential superpowers:

Predicting the future

Less predicting, more controlling. This comes down to directing observable trends. If you observe groups of individuals en masse, you can be statistically confident that a percentage of them will exhibit a certain behaviour.  Now, if you direct and engage with a group of individuals, you can be reasonably confident that a percentage of them, usually a high percentage if you have done a good job, will follow the path you’ve laid out for them. Not to describe users as sheeple, but the psychology of buying can be fairly predictable at times.  For example, if you drive good quality traffic to a well-designed sales funnel, you can reliably control the future of your sales.  You can predict that x% of users will click here, enter information there, buy that, upgrade and so forth.

Mind reading

This usually comes in the form of re-marketing, but it relates to your ability as a marketer and an organisation to know the consumer better than they know themselves. Where this used to be intuition, it is now observable.  You can see what their interests are, what people like them usually search for, where they study, where they work, what they buy, and more importantly, what they don’t buy. If you think about it, it’s akin to sticking a camera on someone’s shoulder for their waking hours, but a little less creepy.  The information available to you is astounding.  All you have to do is capture it and leverage it.  That’s what we do.

What if you held the power to make people do exactly what you wanted them to?

Not by force, not hypnosis, simply direction of human behavioural tendencies.  It is possible for you to gain insights into the minds of your consumers, as mentioned above, and use them to find the triggers that drive people to action. It’s possible to find out why your consumers procrastinate, what misgivings they have, exactly which doubts need assurances and which scepticisms need to be addressed. Through analysis and action, you can be certain that if things are done right, a large percentage of your audience will do exactly what you want them to because it provides them with what they want.

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