Jan 15, 2020

Social Media

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Assessing Social Media Performance with Google Analytics

There are many tools in the market dedicated to measuring social media performance and how it relates to attaining your business goals. The good news is that measuring your social media performance and success is free with Google Analytics.

Benefits of tracking social media performance

  1. To maximise the use of your social media profile which drives the most traffic
  2. To optimise and improve your social media accounts to improve performance
  3. To understand which of your channels has most of your audience
  4. To determine where your audience reads the most of your content
  5. To determine which of your content gets the most engagement in your social media
  6. To determine who talks about your brand, product or services

What you can do with Google Analytics to measure social media

  1. Monitor conversions that have gone through social media
  2. Determine which platforms drive the most conversions
  3. Determine network referrals
  4. Determine social mentions and how your audience is engaged with your social media content
  5. Determine where your landing page traffic comes from
  6. Determine which of the social share buttons are clicked the most

How to set up tracking code with Google Analytics

Note: The first step is to make a diagram of how you want your social media to be instrumental to your business.

What are your goals?

What do you want your social media to do to aid your business?

After doing this, log in to your Google Analytics account and generate the tracking code.

You can do this manually or by using the Google Tag Manager.

  1. In your admin tab, go to the Admin section
  2. Click Tracking Info and then tracking code
  3. Copy the code
  4. Paste the code to the page you want to track

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