Jan 17, 2020

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Influencer Marketing: A Primer

The Google Trends graph below shows how influencer marketing has become exponentially big being one of the fastest growing marketing channels.


Benefits of Influencer Marketing to Your Business

  1. You’ll have the advantage of tapping into the influencers loyal followers, expanding your reach.
  2. It will increase brand awareness.
  3. It has the potential to improve your credibility.
  4. It is less expensive as compared to traditional PR.
  5. An influencer can create valuable content for your business website.
  6. It helps improve SEO.

Benefit of Influencer Marketing to Your Inbound Marketing Strategy

Consumers today are increasingly diligent in researching a brand before jumping on the bandwagon to try out a highly raved product or service. Influencers can also be content creators therefore this marketing channel has the potential to generate you high-value and high-converting content.

Looking for Influencers

  1. Research the trends and set alerts using relevant keywords to your brand to determine who talks about your brand the most.
  2. Reach out to influential bloggers.
  3. Monitor social media mentions to determine who talks about your brand, service or product the most.


  1. Make use of on-trend, but relevant hashtags
  2. Create and make use of branded hashtags or hashtags relevant to your campaign
  3. Encourage your influencer to create content

Tracking and Tools

You’ve found an influencer that fits right in to your core marketing principles, you’ve created your influencer marketing strategy, you’ve created hashtags for your campaign, etc. The next step is to track and monitor your progress.

Why do I need to monitor my progress?

Like any other campaign, monitoring your performance will help you determine the success of your marketing strategy. Using the data will help you optimise your campaign further for maximum results and will help you in your marketing and budgeting decisions.

What tools should I use?

Below are some of the popular Influencer Marketing tools in the market:


Insightpool is an Influencer Marketing platform where allowing you to identify and optimise your marketing campaigns with integrations to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Moz Followerwonk

Followerwonk is Moz’s Twitter Analytics tool letting you dig deeper into Twitter Analytics to help you determine essential data about your followers and identify and connect to influencers.

Demographics Pro

Demographics Pro is a tool that lets you use demographics to analyse your audience based on demographics, monitor social mentions and identify influencers on social media networks such as Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook


Geopiq is a Hootsuite app designed to monitor your social media streams based on location and keywords.

Tip: Research and determine the right tool to use by identifying your marketing needs and your budget allocation.

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